Four Rookie Errors To Avoid On Your Clubbing Holiday

Everyone should have at least one proper clubbing holiday in their twenties. It's the ultimate expression of that particular time in your life, after all: you're old enough to be able to please yourself and earn your own money, but young enough that you don't have a lot of unshakeable responsibilities meaning you can cut loose for a week in the sunshine with friends. They come with a few pitfalls, though, and there are a few clubbing holiday bullets you want to be sure to dodge.

  1. Not pre-booking your events and tickets. The popular clubbing holiday destinations are usually incredibly busy from June to September, and it's all too easy to not be able to get in anywhere. Almost everyone pre-books events these days, and in places like Ibiza, it's just as important to buy your tickets in advance if you're hoping to hit the biggest and most famous clubs. Getting this sorted before you leave also means that when you're actually on holiday you won't have to worry about planning anything--you can sit back, relax and enjoy reaping the benefits of your previous organisational skills.
  2. Blowing all your money on the first couple of nights. There's nothing worse than getting to third day and realising you've not got the dough to keep going for the rest of the week, but it's one of the most common rookie errors people make when they go on holiday with friends for the first time. Set yourself a nightly budget and stick to it. It's a good idea to take your money out in cash and leave the rest in a safe place in your accommodation when you hit the town to help you avoid temptation.
  3. Not scheduling a 'day off' in the middle. Don't go out for one day. It might sound boring, but you'll appreciate it; by then you'll be knackered, and it's a good idea to let yourself relax and recuperate before getting back on the metaphorical party train the next day. It will also give you a day of feeling compos mentis enough to do something other than lie sunbathing on the beach, meaning that you might get a little sightseeing in before you leave!
  4. Failing to look after your mates properly. One of the major benefits of going on holiday with your best friends is that you're all there to look out for each other, and it's absolutely vital that you do. Don't let anyone get left behind, and watch out for each other if any sticky situations crop up. You're counting on them to do the same for you, after all.

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